Mila's Keeper Set (2) Milk Ice Packs

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Extend your peace of mind with two extra, reusable ice packs that will keep your breast milk cold inside your insulated breast milk cooler.  Each ice pack used with your Mila's Keeper Cooler will keep up to 12 oz of milk cold for 20 hours.*

Breast milk ice packs should ideally be 24 hours in the freezer, and minimum 12 hours.  So for those who are using daily, throw some extra ones in the freezer to ensure maximum benefit. Comes in two different colors for ease of knowing which was most recently used.

 *Per CDC/AAP recommendations, we do not recommend adding warm milk to cold milk in our coolers (unless it is separated by bags). If you choose to do so, however, you may need to switch out to a new frozen ice pack when adding additional warm milk to ensure safety of your milk.


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