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10 Best Products for a New Mom

10 Best Products for a New Mom

As family members or friends of new parents, we are always looking for the perfect gifts that they can truly use, whether for their first baby, their second, or their fifth!

Perfect for a baby shower, the holiday season, or for that useful baby registry, we have put together a list of the best gifts to lavish on the new mom.

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are the absolutely perfect gift for a new mother! Any mom who will be breastfeeding is going to have this on her list of gifts she would like to have. They are a game changer in postpartum recovery along with the breastfeeding journey, and having multiple ones to use along the way will take so much stress off her plate!

While it might seem more of a practical gift, it truly is one of the top luxury gifts you can get a new mom. If you want to help her preserve those bras, one pro tip is to throw in some breast pads to keep the material dry throughout the day.

Manual Pump

Manual pumps are another great, simple new mom gift for any woman who is breastfeeding her baby. This, along with a great warming massager, can help relieve symptoms of engorgement in those first few days when the colostrum is transitioning to milk and offer her something discreet she can throw in her purse for those times when she really needs to express milk but might not be able to complete a full pumping session.

Gift Cards She Can Use

Another favorite gift of new moms (and parents in general) is a convenient and practical gift certificate or gift card. Be sure and get it to a store that they frequently shop at or that you know they will need products from. A gift card or certificate for a massage would also be a great idea, as the postpartum period is a very demanding time, and it would be great for her to be able to truly take some time to herself and relax.

Another great idea is to buy gift cards for a meal delivery service. When you have a new baby, even when you know you want a healthy meal, you might be too tired to actually make it!

You can also look into a gift card for a postpartum doula. This will help her as she goes along her journey by getting some expert advice from someone who truly knows about the ins and outs of the journey.

TV/Streaming Service Subscriptions

When you are a new mom, it is the perfect time to get caught up on all of those tv series and documentaries that all of your friends have been talking about! Many streaming service subscriptions are fairly affordable and will give moms a little time to sit and relax either while nursing their baby or while the baby is napping.

Anything To Do With Coffee

There is a good chance that moms with newborn babies will love all gifts that have anything to do with a cup of coffee! A smart mug that keeps mom’s coffee warm well after the original brewing is an added bonus!

Whether you are new mom friends or have been doing this journey of life together for a while, finding coffee gifts is the perfect way to give a new momma a little pep in her step.

If she isn’t necessarily a coffee drinker but enjoys the smell and other benefits coffee beans offer, a coffee-scented face mask also makes a great gift!


If you feel like the new mama is overwhelmed with too much baby stuff, and you are really good friends and want to offer a more thoughtful gift, jewelry is always a great option!

There are many simple options out there with initials or other understated styles that can go with everything that will definitely mean a lot to help the new mom feel seen in a sometimes lonely and overlooked phase of life.

Be sure and ask about any kind of allergies or preferences as far as metals like sterling silver, rose gold, or 14k gold.

If you want something unique and specific to a new mom’s breastfeeding journey, you can look into gifting her a custom-made breastmilk jewelry piece.

Easy On-and-Off Shoes

When you have a newborn baby, and you are recovering during the postpartum period and have many sleepless nights, one of the best gift ideas out there are some easy on-and-off shoes. Whether it’s because the floor is cold or you need to step outside to take the dog out, they are always a good thing to have on hand.

Large Scarf

A great way to give a practical yet stylish gift to a first-time mom would be to find a large scarf. They come in a variety of colors and, as an added bonus, are usually the perfect length to cover the baby’s car seat in case of quickly-changing weather and can even work great as a quick nursing cover-up in a hurry. 


When you are in the early days of being a first-time mom and trying to remember all of the special moments of your baby’s new life, books can be one of the most meaningful gifts out there!

Whether it be a photo book that automatically prints once she takes a certain amount of pictures or a memory book that she can fill in special little moments in each phase, books are a great way to look back at these moments later in life when you realize how fast time flies!

Quality Diaper Bag

One more personalized gift you can find is a quality diaper bag. Look for one that gives moms easy access to baby items such as diapers, bibs, wipes, and bottles. Adjustable straps are also a great feature, as they can help all moms find just the right length to carry comfortably.

Diaper bags are one of the best things that you can invest in, as they will literally go everywhere that the baby goes! With frequent diaper changes, as well as needing to carry extra outfits, a water bottle, and other baby essentials, a quality diaper bag can basically become your new best friend!


If you’re still unsure what to gift a family with their newest addition, try a gift basket and throw in a little bit of everything! Create a mix of baby gear as well as treats for mom and dad! Gifts are a great way to show that you care and that you are there to support your friends and family, but we can assure you that they are more excited about you being a part of their tribe and being an active part of their baby’s new and amazing life! 

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