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Yes, we've got the right bra for YOU!

If you love gorgeous lingerie but you’re not obsessed with the pumping bras you’ve seen, you’re not alone! The Dairy Fairy is here with beautiful, comfortable hands-free pumping bras in a wide variety of sizes that will change any postpartum mama's pumping game.

No matter what your breast size is, this article will help you find the best pumping bra for you. You will be able to find one that mirrors your regular bra, works with wearable pumps from all major pump brands, and makes you feel beautiful.

Whether you are a new mom or more experienced, finding the right pumping bra is essential. Let's find the best bra for you!


Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing + Handsfree Pumping Bra

Want to feel sexy and free? In our (biased) opinion, the Ayla is the perfect option for you– it’s the sexiest postpartum bra on the market! It comes in 7 colors and sizes 30A-42H, in addition to Petite Plus: a narrow band with larger cups. The bra cups boast a beautiful and intricate lace pattern and the demi-underwire is specially selected to make you feel sexy and supported: whether it's date night, chore day, or just any given Tuesday.

It features double-handsfree-pumping abilities through the bra hidden openings for breast pump flanges and nursing clips. It’s compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market. It has adjustable straps that allow for criss cross or moving the straps in or out for better fit. It also has four inches of hook-and-eye closure, which caters to a wide size range to accommodate your changing body from maternity through postpartum. This style runs small, please size up if you’re on the cusp.


Ruby Handsfree Pumping + Nursing Bra

Ready to feel confident and radiant? The Ruby is your uber-comfy, wireless, new favorite bra that comes in 8 colors in sizes 30A-52G. It’s durable and feather light to keep you feeling lifted. The stretchy material helps take your shifting breast weight off your shoulders (literally and figuratively).

It includes double hands-free pumping abilities through the bra’s hidden openings for standard pump flanges and nursing clips (easy access, baby). It’s compatible with all major electric breast pumps on the market.

Its super-stretch material accommodates your boobs during the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. It has three inches of adjustable back straps, complete with soft-and-padded hook-and-eye closure.


Sydney 2.0 Nursing + Pumping Bra

If you usually go for more of a bralette style for your normal bra, you will love the Sydney 2.0. It comes in 2 colors in sizes 30B to 46G. It combines maximum comfort and additional support. You can use your double electric pump, silicone hand pump, milk catcher, in-bra pump (like the Willow, Elvie, Imani, Pumpables) and anything else!

It features double extender clips; patented extenders that hold your wearable breast pump perfectly in place and tighten back up for regular wear. There are also hidden flange openings, 4 inches of hook-and-eye closure, stretchy fabric, a soft band and lining, and best of all, no underwire! This style runs large, so if you’re on the cusp, size down.


Pippa Cushioned Nursing + Handsfree Pumping Bra

Do you like to mix it up? The Pippa has convertible straps that can be criss crossed or moved to achieve a perfect fit and prevent your straps from falling off your shoulders. It comes in 4 colors in sizes 30A-52G. 

This lightly padded option is the unicorn of pumping bras: cute and durable, ready to take on the workday, the vacation, the hobbies, and running around after your kids.

It has double-handsfree-pumping abilities through the bra's hidden flange openings and nursing clips so you can pump, nurse, or do both simultaneously. It is compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market. Experience comfort and support at the same time!


Daily Nursing + Pumping Bra

If you like to go for a lace-free, casual look, this wireless bra with a sleek style is for you. The Daily Nursing + Pumping Bra mimics all the best features of sports bras, with a comfortable fit and enough support for daily wear. It comes in 2 colors in sizes 30A-36H.

This bra keeps up with your DAILY routine, without letting you down during your letdown. This supportive bra was designed in partnership with Willow™ and was inspired by athleisure.

With a nice snug fit, this bra will support you and any of the in-bra pumps, like the Willow Gen3, Willow GO, or any other wearable pump bra (note, design does not allow you to pump hands-free with flanges. Seek out one of the hands-free options with extra support.)

It features double extender clips, 4 inches (6 rows) of hook-and-eye closure, ultra-soft fabric, 

light removable padding, and a ballet back with higher coverage. Bask in the comfort of this everyday bra.


Jolie Luxe Nursing + Handsfree Pumping Bra

Are you feeling fancy? This luxe, limited edition, unique design is for mamas with vintage style. It comes in 2 colors and sizes 30A-36I/J.

This all-in-one bra includes stretch velvet that is buttery soft coupled with two-tone lace, double hands-free pumping abilities through the bra’s hidden flange openings and nursing clips, and four inches of hook-and-eye closure. It’s compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market, and you’ll feel bougie AF.

​Check out our other high quality bras, the matching panties, and our nursing essentials to make your pumping sessions easy and comfortable while you feel more beautiful than ever. Get all your baby gear from The Dairy Fairy and you’ll never regret it!

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