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Learning About the Benefits of Wearable In-Bra Pumps

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When breast pumps were first invented they only served one breast and the mother had to manually squeeze the contraption to make it express milk. While a fantastic invention to get us where we are today, it was not convenient. Over the years, breast pumps have evolved to meet the needs of the busy, working mom.

The wearable pump was invented and breast milk has become easier than ever to express while hands-free. The Dairy Fairy has created a revolutionary All Pumps Bra that works with every pump! No need to continually swap out your bras, this one does everything. There’s also no need to stretch out your bra to accommodate your pump, this one has amazing features that help! There are so many benefits of wearable in-bra pumps, let us show you!

What are Wearable In-Bra Pumps?

Hands-free breast pumps don't have any cords, so moms are LITERALLY set free to go about their day while pumping. The small machines attach individually to each breast. These pumps have a compact design that fits comfortably inside your pumping or nursing bra. Our Perfect Pumping Bra was specifically designed to house the Willow wearable in-bra pump. Your wearable pump slides right into the bra and fit snug against your breast as you pump.

Here are some amazing reviews from customers: 

“Fantastic fit and really, truly works with every kind of pump! As a woman with larger breasts (normally a double D) I’m always worried about cup-to-band ratio fit. Sydney has great coverage and fits snugly (but not uncomfortably) around my body!” - Megan who purchased the Sydney

“The other bra I had gotten stretched and was ill shaped when I wore it regularly, and even more so when I was drained after nursing. The extension allows my pump to sit comfortable and be supported. I love this bra and getting another in the Black color!” - Kim who purchased the Perfect Pumping Bra

While the wearable pump is extremely beneficial to have on hand, the traditional pump is usually the primary pump option used for a pumping session. The traditional pumps are able to extract more breast milk than the smaller wearable pumps. They have different variations of expression mode compared to wireless pumps. Both are fantastic to use! 

What are the Pros of a Wearable In-Bra Pump?

 You are able to move around freely

The top reason that wearable pumps were invented was to help working mothers and busy parents. The traditional electric breast pump needs to be plugged into the wall to operate, so you are quite literally attached to the wall. They are large and clunky, yet very effective. Pumps like Willow wearable breast pumps, allow you to walk around and use both hands while you pump because they don't have external cords. This comes in handy when things need to get done around the house, kids need to be taken care of, or work needs to be done. You don't have to stop what you are doing to pump. Just hook them up inside your nursing or pumping bra and you're all set.

They are very discreet

Traditional pumps can be worn in a way that make them hands free. There are pumping bras that hold the flanges so you can continue working on your computer or using your hands, but you will still have flanges sticking out. This means you may choose to pump somewhere private. With the wearable in-bra pumps, like the Willow, you can pump without anyone knowing. The small pumps fit inside your bra and are barely noticeable beneath your shirt. These are perfect for moms who need to run errands or continue working. We have plenty of customers who report wearing them while driving, grocery shopping, teaching, and so much more!

The pumps are quiet

Many large pumps have a loud whoosing sound that comes with them while pumping. It's hard to miss. Wearable in-bra pumps are extremely quiet. Willow is one of the quietest pumps on the market, making them even more discreet to wear in public. You will be able to wear them to social gatherings and out in public without worrying about people giving you odd looks. Quiet pumps are definitely a game changer.

Super easy to clean

While traditional breast pumps have multiple parts (the flanges, the cords, the duck bills, the bottles), wearable pumps have fewer parts. This makes the cleaning process extremely easy. The Willow pump has two parts, just a flange and a tube that connects the pump. You can wash these parts by hand or put them through a sterilizer or dishwasher. See, easy cleaning!

They use smart technology

Many wearable pumps, like the Willow, have apps that connect your pump to your phone. Using this function, you are able to adjust intensity settings on your smart breast pump with the tap of a button. The app allows you to switch between stimulation and expressions modes and watch how long you have been pumping. The pumps also have setting to alert you when they are getting full so you don't leak all over your clothing ... that wouldn't be discreet!

Are There Cons to The Wearing In-Bra Pumps?

 Pricier than traditional pumps

Traditional breast pumps are often covered by insurance or cheaper when purchased using your health benefits in the United States. The wearable pumps aren't always under insurance coverage and are a little pricier. Check with your insurance provider for more information. When you purchase a traditional pump, you are paying for one pump. When you purchase a wearable pump, you have to purchase one for each breast. Well, you don't have to, but that's the idea behind the convenience of the pump.

You have to charge them

Since there are no cords attached, it's important to remember to charge your wearable pumps so they are ready for your next session. This can be a pain on top of the thousands of other things you need to remember. If you can get into a nightly or daily routine of charging them at the same time every day, it isn't that bad. When fully charged, Willow's rechargeable battery has a pumping life of about 5 hours.

The suction strength isn't as strong as a traditional breast pump

A portable breast pump won't have the same suction strength as a pump that plugs into the wall. Those traditional pumps have strong suction! The wearable pumps are smaller, making their strength a little bit weaker. The smaller motors allow for the pumps to be wearable though, so that’s an added convenience. Many mothers report them emptying their breasts just fine, but this will vary breast to breast. A woman's personal milk production will also determine how effective these small pumps can be. Some report the milk volume output to be the same as their traditional pump, while others noticed fewer ounces of milk per pump. It all depends.

Things to Keep in Mind

All pumps come with a variety of flange sizes. Whether you are searching for wearable in-bra pumps or traditional pumps, be sure to find your perfect flange fit for optimal comfort and maximum milk expression. The pumps come with a default size or two that only fit a small portion of the population. 

Before buying, inquire about flange sizes and see if you can get fit properly.

One bonus of our Perfect Pumping Bra is that it fits a very wide range of sizes. No matter your body type, you should be able to find a size that works for you to make your breastfeeding journey easier.

What's the Takeaway?

When considering which pump to get as a new mom, consider where you will have to use them most. Wireless breast pumps are extremely beneficial to have on hand in a pinch, but aren't always the best option for every single pump. If you are able, get a hospital-grade pump as well as a wearable electric breast pump. This will ensure that you can pump effectively throughout the day and discreetly as needed. These pumps are perfect while at work or on the go. If you can afford the cost of a breast pump that gives you a little more freedom, it's worth it.

Once you have your pumps chosen, be sure to check out our nursing and hands-free pumping bra collections. The Dairy Fairy Bras are designed with the busy mom in mind. We have catered our bras to all body types so you can be successful in your breastfeeding journey while being confident in your own skin. The bras are All Pumps Bras, meaning you can use them with virtually any pump on the market.

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