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Journey in Bliss: Effortless Holiday Travel for Pumping Moms

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Traveling as a new mom can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you're nursing. Ensuring comfort, convenience, and a dose of style while on the move can be overwhelming.

Here we explore valuable travel tips alongside three essential nursing bras that cater to comfort, functionality for travelling, and feminine style as you gather with family and/or your in-laws.

I’ve tried these and they work:

  • Plan Ahead: Preparing a travel itinerary that aligns with your baby's feeding schedule can make the journey smoother. Consider planning breaks or stops for feeding sessions to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Pack Essentials: Don't forget to pack breast pump accessories and nipple cream in your carry-on bag. Cross check you pack the cable and charger. Having these essentials readily available can save you from unexpected discomfort or emergencies.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Choose loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for travel. Layers and nursing-friendly tops or dresses make breastfeeding more manageable while keeping you stylish and comfortable.
  • Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Traveling can be exhausting, so make sure to stay hydrated and carry healthy snacks for energy. A refillable water bottle is a lifesaver, especially during flights or long drives.

Some of our favorite travel styles:

Ruby Handsfree Pumping + Nursing Bra

Another sexy, yet comfortable option for your traveling needs. Another of our favorite wireless options, the Ruby is day-to-day durable and feather light to keep you feeling lifted. 


  • Double-handsfree-pumping abilities through the bra’s hidden flange openings and nursing clips (easy access, baby).
  • Compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market.
  • Super-stretch material to accommodate your boobs from late-night engorgement to post-feeding shrinkage.
  • Three inches of adjustable back straps, complete with soft-and-padded hook-and-eye closure.
  • One inch of a fabric-covered elastic band, made with comfort in mind.

Inclusive sizing to accommodate the changes your body goes through from maternity through

Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing + Handsfree Pumping Bra

When you want something sexy you can wear with a cute tank or dress on vacation, Ayla is there. The bra cups boast a beautiful and intricate lace pattern and the demi-underwire is specially selected to make you feel sexy and supported.

Easily breastfeed or pump on the go – let this cutie assist as you take on your world.

  • Double-handsfree-pumping abilities through the bra hidden flange openings and nursing clips (easy access, baby).
  • Compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market.
  • Convertible shoulder straps that allow for criss cross or moving the straps in or out for better fit.
  • Four inches of hook-and-eye closure, which caters to a wide variety of sizes, including the changes your body goes through from maternity through postpartum (32A-42G, in addition to Petite Plus: a narrow band with larger cups). 

Daily Nursing + Pumping Bra

Traveling often involves long hours of sitting or moving around, which can be demanding for nursing moms. Investing in a comfortable, all-day support nursing bra is essential. Say hello to the Daily Pumping Bra, designed in partnership with Willow™.


  • Double extender clips - patented extenders hold your wearable pump perfectly in place and tighten back up for regular wear.
  • 4 inches (6 rows) of hook-and-eye closure for unparalleled comfort and fit.
  • Wireless and stretchy - to accommodate your flux, drained or engorged.
  • Silky-soft fabric with mesh detail.
  • Light removable padding.
  • Ballet back with higher back coverage.

Traveling as a nursing mom doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right essentials like supportive nursing bras and a few travel-savvy tips, you can embark on your adventures with confidence and style. Prioritize comfort, plan ahead, and remember to enjoy the journey—because being a mom doesn't mean you have to compromise on your travel experiences!

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