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Mental Health

Postpartum Depression Got You Down?

What to Do if You Have Postpartum Depression Having a baby can be such a time of joy! You get to snuggle your little one, take some time away from work, and build a new life as a family. This is wh...

Health and WellnessBenefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy can offer many benefits for you and your baby. Unless you have a medical condition that stops you, it is highly recommended to exercise during pregn...

Expert AdviceJodi and family

A Fellow Preemie Mom Who Understands What it Means to be a NICU Parent

With Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week coming up (May 1-7), we thought it would be helpful to connect with a mom whose mission is to support new moms during some very trying times.  Jodi Klaris...

Breastfeeding & PumpingPsychological Effects of Breastfeeding

Psychological Effects of Breastfeeding

The World Health Organization continually works to promote the benefits of breastfeeding to new mothers. While breast milk is commonly known for its nutritional value, your breastfeeding journey ca...

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Finding Mom Friends, Support, and Communities

Being a new mother is extremely rewarding but can be so lonely. What we experience as mothers hits close to home and we need other women in our back pockets for the good times and the bad. That be...